Profession regulation

Profession regulation

The Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia is the national regulatory authority for the field of nursing and midwifery. We maintain the national register of nurses, midwives, health care technicians, and caregivers and are responsible for granting, renewing and revoking licenses to nurses and midwives. According to the regulations in force, all nurses and midwives in Slovenia must be entered into the record and hold a valid license to practice independently, while health technicians and caregivers are entered into the record, but do
not require a license to practice.

In the field of nursing and midwifery, we also carry out professional supervision, namely supervision of professionalism, quality and safety at work. We also plan specializations and specialist exams for nurses and midwives and, in agreement with the Minister of Health, adopt regulations.

Preserving and strengthening the role of nursing and midwifery care

Our core mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the nursing and midwife profession, to draft legislation regulating this field, and to represent political positions that enable and ensure the professional development and advancement of nursing and midwifery care and the appropriate status of its providers in society. In addition, we monitor and participate in nursing and midwifery education and develop research efforts in this field. By organizing professional courses and training, we help our members to constantly grow their expertise and skills, as we realize that knowledge drives our strength, progress, and development. Through our activities, we are constantly contributing to the improvement of the quality, efficiency, and safety of patient medical care.

The values we believe in, respect, and continually uphold through our work are knowledge, care, solidarity, professionalism, responsibility, justice, communication,
empathy, trust, safety, equality, advocacy, and partnership.
The basic guideline for the work of nurses, health technicians and caregivers is the Code of Ethics for Nurses and Nurse Assistants of Slovenia, and the Code of Ethics for midwives applies to midwifes