“With incredible enthusiasm, nursing and midwifery care is evolving into a complex, evidence-based, patient-centred and holistic profession.

Due to the changing healthcare needs, population aging and the ever-shorter medical treatment at hospitals, nurses, health technicians, and midwives are taking on the challenges of modern society with dedication, professionalism, and expertise.

As it works to improve the position of its members, the profession and the organization itself, the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia is adapting to the rapid development and constant changes as well.

We will remain dedicated to this cause in the future.


MONIKA AŽMAN, President of the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

International activity

We are a full-fledged member of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN), the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the European Midwives Association (EMA). We also work with many other professional associations worldwide through our professional sections and regional associations. We have also concluded international agreements on cooperation with the Croatian Nurses Association, the Association of Health Workers of Serbia, the Macedonian Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives and the Chamber of Nurses, Midwives and Other Healthcare Professionals of Kosovo.